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 Client Side

It’s a pleasing thing to be able to help somebody to tell their story.
Whether it’s a museum space illuminating the world’s knowledge, or an organisation looking to shine a light on their own best work – it’s a very satisfying thing to get right.
So here’s where you’ll find my work undertaken in partnership with clients.  Enjoy!

– Mmoloki Chrystie

Hidden London Exhibition

The audio visual presentation is superb. It combines montages of atmospherically filmed images interleaved with clips from films that have been made in disused stations and locations. It’s clear a lot of thought and effort has gone into this. In fact the sound and pictures are so convincing that, at times I could almost feel the air about me moving as I was watching!

– Underground History UK, October 2019


Future Engineering

A nation of engineering minds (exhibition teaser)

Employment to Enjoyment

Inspiring careers in transport

Design It, Make It, Use It

Inspired design (series preview)

Client Showreel

Client Commissions Reel

From The Lane

In the footsteps of the fallen

Ferrari Under The Skin

70 years of the prancing horse

Crowdsourced Wall

Iconic design – the public have spoken

Hair by Hood

Strands of identity with Alix Bizet

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